Ten Tiny Toes - board book (Little, Brown, Spring 2018)

UPDATE Sep 2018: 

  • The book benefited from prominent placement upon release (first photo below), is still face-out in some stores after six months (second photo below), and continues to sell well.

You're supposed to love all your kids equally, but I suspect that no matter what else I write, Ten Tiny Toes will always be my sentimental favorite.

I'm happy to see it come out as a board book. Picture books don't belong to babies. When a baby starts chewing and slobbering on the sleeve of a picture book, Mom gently takes it away and says, "Let's don't chew on that, Sweetheart."

But board books? Babies can chew and slobber all over them until they've consumed their daily diet of fiber.

Long live board boards. Long live babies.

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