I always have multiple manuscripts in circulation with publishers. I put a lot of effort into writing and polishing each one until I think it's going to be a runaway best-seller.

Then it gets shown around and--generally--rejected by Publisher A...then rejected by Publisher B...then...all the way to Publisher G or H, at which point it is retired to a folder on my Google drive called Todd's Manuscripts, which gets bigger every year.

Here are a few of my favorite unpublished (so far) manuscripts...

"The Ninjas 'fore Christmas" - Nine little ninjas help Santa deliver gifts to the dreaded pirates in the village below

"Dear Baby" - A daddy's love letter

"13 Ways to Cross a Puddle" - A creative boy demonstrates the options

"Choo! Choo! I Love You!" - Three little train cars venture beyond their circle track

"Helicopter Parents" - A baby human is adopted by well-meaning helicopters

"Best Wedding Ever" - A boy mistakenly believes he is going to be a Ring Bear

"The Furry Four" - Four bumbling superhero canines save the world from evil robot squirrels

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