Ten Tiny Toes (Little, Brown, 2012)

Illustrated by uber-talented Marc Brown, creator of the Arthur series. It was an Amazon #1 Hot New Release in New Baby Books, and was featured for several months as a Top Pick in Picture Books at Barnes & Noble. I wrote "Ten Tiny Toes" as a love letter to my sons, Samuel and Ethan, whose toes would now be kinda gross to nibble, but back in the day....

Into the world
Came ten tiny toes
A hundred times sweeter
Than one could suppose

Toes that were tiny
And tender and tasty
Toes more delicious
Than cinnamon pastry

Toes you could nuzzle
And nibble in bliss
Toes you could pattycake
Into a kiss


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  2. Beautiful! I'm so glad that I found your blog.

  3. Wonderful poem and wonder book.

    (I'm sure Tom Cruise couldn't do this :)