Textbook chapters (2011, 2003, 2001)

Long ago, in a galaxy far away...

I was a Graduate Research Assistant at Yale for Drs. Jerome and Dorothy Singer, who researched and published extensively about children and media.

When I became involved in digital media a few years later, they asked me to contribute a chapter to their textbook, Handbook of Children and the Media. My chapter was called "Children, the Internet and Other New Technologies."

There was very little research on digital media at the time (late 1990s), and I was possibly the only person they knew who was working in the field. They trusted me to cobble together the limited research that existed.

That led to an invitation to write a chapter of a second textbook, called The Faces of Televisual Media (2003). It was the last book co-edited by Edward L. Palmer, one of the founders of "Sesame Street," and it was an honor to be involved with.

Handbook of Children and Media was revised and updated for a 2011 edition, and I was asked to update my chapter for that. 

Apparently academics don't have Amazon Author Pages, because if you happen upon these textbooks in Amazon, you'll see a "More About the Author" blurb at the bottom...and I'm the only author listed. So it looks like they were written not by renowned academics but by some guy who wrote My Grandma's a Ninja.

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